Unterwegs mit unserem 6x6 Mobil

Some informations in english.

Hello welcome to our webpage. We, my wife Heike and me, love traveling. For 100.000 km we traveled for some andventures with our offroad motorhome "Sixfoot". 

Sixfoot is based on a chassis by Mercedes Benz Sprinter, then the undercarriages was adjusted by Oberaigner to 6x6 drive. The cabine is built by Bocklet  and the interior of the driver´cab was done by Carhifi Wolf. 

Some facts:  length 7,95 m wide 2,2 m height is 3,2 m - total weight is 7 tons.  

Trip I  - June-August 2018  - Denmark, Sweden, Norway to Northcape - back via Finnland, Estonia, Letvia, Lithunia and Poland - totally 13.500 km - just wonderful.

Trip II - 29th October until 4th Dec. we traveled 8.600 km through south-east Europe.  Relaxing and interesting. We have seen a lot of wonderful places and met lovely people.

Trip (III)  without Sixfoot - 5000 km cross New Zealand in January 2019

Trip IV with Sixfoot - Ride to Agadir  11.500 km  France, Spain to Marroc then back on Atlantic coast Spain and Portugal.

Trip V  Summer 2019 in Italy. 

Trip VI Australia 2019/2020.  Started in Perth Western Australia along the South Coast to South Australia. Then via Victoria to Tasmania. Around Tasmania and returned to Victoria. Along the Murray River to New South Wales. Got glimps of Queensland in Cameron Corner. From there through the Outback to the Northern Territory. Then via Great Central Road back to Western Australia. But due to Covid-19 we stopped our Australia Trip.

Trip VII  September 2020  Provence - France

Trip VIII  January 2022  Spain rountrip

Trip IX Nordcap Tour again

Trip X  Australia 2 - Western Australia   Summer 2023

Trip XI  Maroc and Spain in January/ February 2024

Europe is such a great place to live and travel, but also Australia was just wonderful.

Thanks for your visit, we will see you on the road. Stay tuned.

Heike & Rudi

First goal approached we reached the Northcape.